Recruiting the People
That Power the World

We work with a chosen few.

At Southern Staffing Group we focus on intentionality in everything we do. We are highly selective in choosing the clients and candidates we work with. This is why we have chosen to focus our efforts on placing Veterans who have formal military training in advanced electronics into the most demanding, complex field service roles. We don’t work solely with Vets but feel it best serves our clients to inform them of the talents this group of individuals bring to the table.

If we reach out to you, rest assured, we have taken the time to evaluate our fit with yours based on your vision and mission. We see that you lead with empathy, constantly innovate, and tackle challenges head-on.

We know you can accelerate your growth with the right hires and don’t have time to sort through hundreds of resumes or spend countless hours interviewing the number of candidates necessary to find the ideal fit. We know that you have a high level of self-awareness and realize that outsourcing your talent search is simply the correct solution.

Your commitment to hiring talented, passionate people who share your vision shows through. We also know that these are fiscally difficult times and that every hire is a critical hire as the bottom line becomes ever more important.

We are extremely confident in our ability to deliver your ideal candidate and give you three months to evaluate your direct hire prior to rendering payment to us. We want to earn your business, while adding the value needed for your organization. Southern Staffing Group is ready to partner with you.

We help you grow your dream team with top-notch Field Service Engineers and Field Service Managers who excel in customer service, autonomy, technical ability, and professionalism.

Who are we to make these claims? Our recruiting team are all military trained electronics technicians who chose to make recruiting our calling. We understand what “right looks like” and continue to leverage our niche to further refine the ideal Field Service candidate profile. We eat, breathe and live Field Service.

Project Managers

Build the organization you envision from the ground up, with every hire.

From culture fit to skills matching, we will find your next hire!

At Southern Staffing Group, we understand that the nature of filling professional roles is a complex and layered process. One which can become even more time consuming and costly the longer your positions are left unfilled or further exacerbated by un-retainable talent post hire.

We know it can be difficult to find a diverse pool of ideal candidates who have the skills you need and who share the mission and values of your company. Employees who identify more with their company culture have been shown to be happier, report greater job satisfaction, and are more likely to stay with their organizations.

This understanding informs everything we do and drives each step of our recruitment process.

Client Journey

Our searches are built upon a consultative and analytical approach that provides you with the best service options to meet your direct hire placement needs.

team discussion

Step 1: Understand Your Company and Culture

It’s not enough for us to read your job description and make broad assumptions. We want to dive in, roll up our sleeves, and understand your company, culture, and role(s) in-depth. Where feasible we want to spend time in your organization. We want to know you.

We will discuss what your company is like and what culture you are trying to drive through each new hire. We want to understand your “why?”. Your company is unique and we want to find talent that is passionate about your company’s goals, initiatives, and culture.

Step 2: Identify Qualified Talent

Once we fully understand your role, we’ll work with you to establish a timeframe with the goal of getting you a highly vetted group of candidates as soon as possible. What sets our process apart from most other placement firms is we do not rely on a static database of candidates. We instead prefer active candidates and have worked diligently to build a community of Veterans in Field Service while also employing complex SaaS tools to help find your ideal candidate.
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Step 3: Create a Talent Pipeline for Your Hiring Needs

Once we know exactly the type of talent that you’re looking for we’ll build out a roster of potential candidates to meet your specific criteria. Your roster then becomes an asset that you can use to fill your current role now and expedite the process for your next hire based on your candidate pool having been screened for the ideal fit.

Step 4: Support the Interview Process & Keep Your Talent Pool Strong

We’re committed to your entire hiring process from end to end. We provide hiring consultation, scheduling services, talent search, conduct preparatory calls with your candidate, provide negotiation support when it comes time to make an offer, and post hire support as needed.
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Our Commitment to Diversity

Studies have shown that the more diverse your workforce the better. Cognitive diversity leads to a 20% increase in innovation, as well as improved problem solving and decision making. Additionally, Racially diverse teams outperform less diverse competitors by 35%. (McKinsey&Co, Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters, May 2020)

Are you what we are looking for?

Southern Staffing Group prides ourselves in matching only the most qualified candidates with our hiring organizations. This is paramount to providing our boutique clients with dynamic, flexible, motivated, self- starting candidates who share the vision of their organizations, and ultimately have a much higher retention and success rate.

This is why we typically seek out our talent vice hiring from a stack of resumes on file. Statistically the odds of having an ideal candidate on file for a particular job order are rare and the touch points required to maintain an adequate database are inefficient at best.

We are here to serve our community but understand our customers are the businesses who retain us. Our mission is building and bettering our community through helping those who build. Our small business leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who we believe are the economic engines of our society.

Did we describe you? Are you committed to building? Do you have what it takes?

Congratulations. You understand that mediocrity may be acceptable somewhere, but not here. We will work diligently to guide you but ask that you understand this is an evaluative process. You will be asked to update your LinkedIn, tailor your resumes, sit through interview prep, and follow up with us post hire. During the search we also require weekly check-ins from our candidates. Almost an internship before the job if you will. We only want our region’s best and brightest.

Candidate Journey

Our candidate methodology is exacting and proven to lead to long term job satisfaction. We match you based on your inherent traits to that of our client organizations.
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Step 1: Discovery

The first step of our deep matchmaking process is our discovery call. During this call, we will gather information about the type of role that you’re looking for.

We’ll discuss items such as salary expectations, work/life balance, culture, career goals, geographic preference, remote work, and everything in between. Our goal on this call is to get a holistic picture of you, your experience, and the kind of company that would be the best fit for you.

Step 2: Role Review & Coaching

We are committed to your hiring process end-to-end and will ensure you are prepared for success.

Everything from what to wear to interview prep. We want you to succeed!

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Step 3: Resume Submission & Interview Prep

Our team will submit your documentation and await feedback from employers. When an interview is secured, we will work with you through every step of the process to make sure that you’re confident and prepared during the interview process.

Step 4: Offer Finalization

Congratulations, you’ve just secured an offer! Our team will work closely with you to finalize any last minute requirements while ensuring your hand off to your new company goes smoothly.
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Letter From Our Managing Partner

Southern Staffing Group was founded out of necessity. During my tenure as a small business consultant one thing that consistently stuck out was that small business owners were consistently making hires that were detrimental to their organizations. Scatterbrained and office manager are two words that don’t belong together yet describes many of the scenarios I encountered. After conducting a market analysis that scenario made sense.

There is a scarcity of boutique recruiting firms and an abundance of highly qualified folks in our area, yet the lines to the food banks are often times around the block. Seeing this was enough to finally have faith in myself to build a company that serves a true, meaningful, necessary purpose in our community.

Southern Staffing Group is a culmination of my lifetime of experiences from running a small business, to my experience as the Recruiting Program Director for Officer Programs while serving in the Navy, to serving as the COO for an organization of 200 plus personnel. It took a little prodding from a friend who owns a staffing company, but we are here now, starting a company in a recession.

These times have devastated so many, and while I can’t fix the world, I will do my best to make a meaningful impact that changes the lives of those in our community while helping to grow the visions of all our aspiring entrepreneurs. As a firm believer in practicing what you preach, Southern Staffing Group will be donating 10% of our net profits to our community food resource providers and encourage everyone to help where you can.

We truly hope you will help us be the agents for change that our region needs. Lets grow together.

micah - Southern Staffing Group: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Micah Clay

Managing Partner

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